Insta-Life and Updates


Life has been a little chaotic lately. I've had so many wonderful things happening (such a hardship right?!) that I haven't had nearly the time I'd like to stop by this creative space of mine. So what has been going on? Let me catch you up to speed!

I've been a Stylist with Stella & Dot for seven months. I didn't know much about the organizational structure when I joined, but I was so excited about all the jewelry that it didn't really matter to me at that point. I just wanted something fun to do when I wasn't at my day job that got me spending more time with my friends, meeting new people, and wearing fabulous jewels. Mission accomplished; that has totally happened. I've met so many wonderful people, and have developed several new, close friendships. And as for the jewelry? I think these pictures speak for themselves. I've included a list of what I am wearing below in case you are curious. 

Over the past few weeks my career with Stella & Dot has really taken off. I hate saying that, because I feel like it doesn't sound humble. And I really am completely humbled by this experience. It has been such a wonderful opportunity, and I am so thankful for every customer, hostess, and stylist that has joined my team since I first started! I feel comfortable saying it has taken off though because this last month I promoted to a Star Stylist with Stella & Dot. To do this in a six month time frame from signing up is considered extremely fast. In order to qualify as a Star Stylist, you need to have developed a team of a certain number of active Stylists and reach group (team) and personal (individual) sales thresholds each month. 

The perks of being a Star Stylist make it one of the most desirable levels within our company. Star Stylists have the highest pay return of any position while being able to maintain the position at a "part-time" status. What this means is that the hours needed to do your duties are minimal enough that you could work another full-time job if you wanted. Once you hit Director (the next promotion level), it becomes more of a time commitment and it is trickier to do both. You also receive a promotion bonus (yay!), invitations to exclusive events and retreats with our CEO Jessica Herrin, and access to secrets of upcoming product releases and proprietary information. In summary - it's WAY cool! 

Above all of those perks though is the excitement of building a team. When I started looking at promotions within our company, I was most excited about leading and building a team. I have a strong desire to nurture and mentor other professionals. I completely dork out on it and spend my free time reading trainings on how to motivate, provide feedback, and grow your team. I have gained so many wonderful experiences from this company, and it has provided me with so much. It truly makes me so excited to be sharing this opportunity with others. 

So that's what has been happening lately! So many fun and exciting changes happening, and so much going on! I can't wait to see what life brings us next!!

If you have any questions about what it's like to be a Stylist or how Stella & Dot works, feel free to leave a comment or email me! 

Jewelry List
Renegade Bracelet (I am wearing all three colors above - Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold)

Is it the Weekend Yet?


Necklace: On the Mark, Bracelets: Renegade, Amelie, Eden

Oh my gosh you guys. I am so glad it is Thursday night. Seriously. One more day until the weekend, and chic needs a rest! I feel like each week I just find a new way to cram more into my existing schedule, which leaves me feeling like I need a nice hot bath with Epsom salts and a book. I am oddly excited about it right now. I can't wait to bust out my Clairsonic, clean off my face from the day (I was caught in a down pour outside all day), use my toner, shape my brows, maybe do a mask, I mean clearly I just need to do some pampering. OH! And maybe a pedicure. Yes, that sounds nice.

I am super excited for this weekend. I ordered my Stella & Dot Summer Collection samples yesterday and had them overnight because I just could not stand to wait any longer for them. You guys, I got this purse that is TO DIE FOR. It is khaki colored with this amazing neon orange Aztec print. And a tassel. I swoon. Plus, I'm going to wear it with my new leather wrist wrap and bone inspired pendant. It sounds weird, but it is oddly so right. I will show you more later. Just rest assured that I got a box full of new goodies and I am one happy camper.

Also, do we like my hair? Totally inspired by this youtube video. Love her!

I Bought a Mac and I have NO IDEA How to Use It


So I bought my first Mac Computer. I've had an iPhone for a few years now, and I bought an iPad when I started my Stella & Dot business so I could use our company app at Trunk Shows. So I figured, hey, how hard can it be to use a Mac Computer at this point? I mean seriously, it's probably just like my other devices.


Oh so wrong.

This is me earlier today calling my family (Dad + Sister). "Hi, do you know how I open a folder on my new computer? Where did my photos go when I connected my camera. How do I make a new folder? How do I right click? I only have one mouse button". I'm pretty sure this is how my next month is going to go. My sister has grown up on Mac Computers. I guess a lot of the schools use them now. This is yet another sign that I am old. My entire life up to this point has been working with a PC. I literally have no idea how to use my new computer. I feel as though the next month is going to be full of me feeling like an idiot as I try to learn to do simple things.

On the plus side, I downloaded a free trial of Adobe LightRoom and worked on my first picture! This is why I was trying to figure out how to make a folder. Anyhow, what do you think? It's my first attempt. I am already so impressed with the level of editing I can do with just the auto adjustments in LightRoom. It makes my Picasa edits look like...well something not nearly as pretty. I have yet to figure out how to crop a photo, or to find the screen where I can do anything but press a preset button to adjust the light levels, but hey! This is more than I could do an hour ago. Yay for small victories!

Did the rest of you grow up using Mac Computers? Or do you understand the complete loss I am feeling right now of not knowing how to do ANYTHING on my new computer? Please let me I am not the only one!

Checking off my Wish List and Buying Big!


Necklace: Elodie, Bracelet: Amelie, Earrings: Cleopatra (I wear these daily!), Clutch: Tia Cross Body

I am beyond excited. Less than five minutes ago I placed my order for my very first apple computer EVER. I have always been a Dell girl, mostly because they are half the price. But seriously, I have had horrible luck with every one I have ever owned. My laptop in college had to get a new mother board within the first year. If you aren't a computer tech type person (which I am not), this is equivalent to open heart surgery for a computer. They literally had every single piece of my computer's insides spread all over my kitchen table as they replaced the main board on the inside and then popped everything back in. I also use Dell for my work computers, and I have killed two of them. At my last job it took less than a year before my computer showed me the blue screen of death. They then got me a new Dell laptop, but it didn't work quite right either. I ended up with two computers that one their own didn't quite work right, but together they sort of passed off as one whole computer. So I actually had TWO laptops that I would use depending on which program I needed to access while they tried to sort everything out. Needless to say, I have not been impressed.

Now that I am FINALLY getting my first apple computer, I have been dreaming big for months. I've been holding off on getting PhotoShop because I knew my current computer wouldn't be able to handle it. Now I can finally get it, and I am so excited to see what I will be able to do with the image editing features. My friend actually referred me to a place that lets you lease PhotoShop for $9.99 a month, rather than buying your own license. I think I may check that out. I like that it automatically updates your software anytime Adobe releases a new PhotoShop version. I'm also excited to use the video editing features that my new computer will have. I've been wanting to post a video on here FOREVER! But again, my current computer wouldn't be able to handle it. I can't wait to say HI to you all!

So what did I get? I ordered the MacBook Pro with 8GB of memory and a little over 250GB of storage. The memory should be enough that my computer doesn't bog down when I try and work with videos, and the storage should be enough I can keep lots of photos on it. I can always archive to an external drive if I need to, but I think I'll have plenty of space for a while. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to run to the store and pick up my new computer.... OMG I AM SO EXCITED!

PS - Can I get a heck ya for purple lipstick?? I am obsessed. More on this later...

Ode to Direct Sales: My Life as a Stylist


Jeans/Cardigan/Boots: Old Navy, Shirt: LOFT, 
Necklaces: Stella & Dot Rebel and Trinity, Bracelets: Stella & Dot Christina and Eden

When I stumbled upon Stella & Dot, I really didn't know what I was getting into. To be honest, I just wanted this bracelet. Like I wanted it bad. I'd been cyber stalking it on Pinterest and other fashion blogs for a year and I REALLY wanted it. I know you've seen it before. It's everywhere.

So basically I wanted to get this bracelet. I had a friend who use to be a Stella & Dot Stylist, but her life got a little crazy busy and she was no longer active. This left me with no one to buy the bracelet from. Okay - not a big deal. I can just order it online right? Okay but so here is the thing... I of course found like three other things I wanted. Pretty soon I was looking at $150 in jewelry I was about to buy, and then I saw the stylist opportunity. Sign up for $199 and get $350 in jewelry. if I spend $49 more (on jewelry I already want) than I was about to already spend  mean I get like double the jewelry? Okay, I am a smart enough business woman to realize this makes sense. I'll sign up. You got me. I'm gonna get my jewelry and then if I never sell anything that's okay. No big deal. No need to put a bunch of pressure on myself.

From there I kind of just fell into the business. They make everything really easy. You are coached to do your first four shows with different circles of people so you meet new people at each one, and if you follow those steps you should make your investment back in the first month. After that, anything extra is additional income you wouldn't have had before.

When I first started, I nervous that selling jewelry might be difficult. I was worried my friends might not love it as much as I do, or that meeting new people would be hard. But the truth is - other women love jewelry, fashion, and an excuse to get together just as much as I do! And once people feel the jewels, unzip the wallets, layer on a scarf, or load their belongings into one of our bags they are totally sold. You can feel the quality. The weight of the jewelry is amazing. And it is durable, and backed by our delight guarantee so if you ever experience a problem with it, Stella & Dot will make it right. You really can't beat that.

I work a full time day job, so I don't have time during the day to work on it at all. I take a few minutes before I get to work to post a picture to facebook, respond to some emails, etc. And then I come home and hang out with Husband and Wilbur. I typically do my shows on the weekend, and occasionally a week night. I get together with fabulous groups of women, help them pick out their favorite pieces, and I make new friends. Actually a ton of new friends! It has really helped me get out of my shell and improved my public speaking. It's also made me more social in general. I am hosting so many get togethers at my house in the next few months with my friends whereas before I was always so nervous to have people over, thinking my house had to be PERFECT or I couldn't possibly do it! I've earned thousands (yes, thousands) of dollars in free jewelry, I've made thousands (yes, again thousands) of dollars in commissions. And I am really loving every minute of it.

This post isn't about convincing you to join Stella & Dot (although if you are interested I would love to have you on my team), but telling you sometimes it's good to just say yes to an opportunity. Even if it seems totally crazy at the time. You never know what could be waiting on the other side. It could be something that really helps you grow and discover a new part of yourself. And if you haven't ever run your own business, there is something so liberating and exciting about directing your own career. I highly recommend it.

At the center of all this happiness and success is a wonderful group of women. These are the ladies of Stella & Dot who welcomed me and ushered me into this great community, my friends and family who let me gab about jewelry all the time and who are willing to wear whatever handful of jewels I thrust at them because I just KNOW it's going to look amazing on them, all the amazing friends who have joined my growing team, and all the wonderful new women I have met that are my loving and loyal customers. My cup runneth over! Thank you all so much for supporting me in this amazing new adventure!

PS I think this is my longest post EVER. Did you make it to the end?