The Chic Executive Officers (CEOs) - My New Friends


Later today my house will be taken over fabulous women decked out in jewels. And when I say women, as in plural, what I really mean is there are going to be like thirty of us, in my little house, eating snackies, laughing over champagne (except me) and cake, and having a grand old time.

One of the reasons I joined Stella & Dot (if not a primary reason) was to make more time to see friends. And then also to make more friends period. I think back when I was in school or college it was easier to find time to see people and to meet new people. In high school you see them all the time in classes, or at football games, or social events. In college you are constantly meeting new folks as you bounce from one class to another. And you form your study groups and you grab lunch and its great. And then you graduate and you start working. And for most of us, this becomes all consuming. You spend at least eight hours at the office, plus your commute time, and then time at the gym, time cleaning your house, time running errands.... its easy to become a hermit and 1) not make any new friends and 2) never see the ones you do have.

When I signed up I figured it would give me more of an excuse to my friends. I'd have them over for parties, hook them up with free jewelry by hosting, and even meet some new ladies. I could make some new acquaintances at the monthly team meetings, and maybe make a new friend or two. But oh my gosh I SO underestimated how this would work. Every lovely, smiling face you see in these photos are ladies I would deem as "new friends". A few of them are people I knew before, but had lost touch with over the years; not someone I would text all the time and see each month (like I do now!). And a few of them are people I never would have met without S&D. And this isn't even ALL of them. This is like maybe 1/5th of the team I belong to and the one I am growing with the support of these pictured ladies.

If I were to summarize how this experience has helped me meet new people and grow as a person, I would say the following:

1) I am SO MUCH MORE outgoing about asking people to hang out. I do it all the time now! I offer to do shows for them, invite them to shows, or just plain say - hey, let's get together and do something! Before, this was really scary to me. I was fearful of rejection; in someways trying to ask a new person to be your friend and hang out reminds me of asking a cute boy in high school to go on a date. Oh the vulnerability of it all! What if they say no?! And you look like a LOSER!

2) I can host a party at the drop of a hat. I am always stressing to people that having friends over doesn't have to feel like a big event. You don't need to spend hours cooking, you don't need to go crazy with the decorations. Prior to starting S&D I was always stressed about having people over. I felt like everything had to be PERFECT. Now, I am like - have 30 people over on Monday? Sure! No big deal! Let me just vacuum real quick and throw out some artichoke dip! The real emphasis of entertaining isn't in your space. It's in having a good time with people when they get there!

3) I connect with people more. I stay in touch. I invite them over. I email, text, etc. to see how their lives are going. I realize how important it is to have a group of friends you can rely on and turn to and celebrate life with!

The team I lead is called the Chic Executive Officers, or CEOs. I came up with this name because I wanted something that reflected how each of us is in charge of our own business, our own happiness, and our success. I feel so grateful to have found these lovely women, and for all the new members of our team that continue to join us each day. We are growing strong, and we are all fabulous and fun ladies. I can't wait to see them later this evening as we celebrate the month of October with cake, a Photo Booth (I mean, obviously!), and good times! I am so fortunate to have so many great new friends!

The Nesting Files: DVD Storage


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I've become that person. That CRAZED pregnant lady who wants everything in her house organized RIGHT. NOW!

Our house has three bedrooms and a loft. The loft functions as our office, the master bedroom is obviously used by Husband and I, and then one bedroom is a guest room and the other is the room we lovingly call "the room of crap". It's like the room of requirement from Harry Potter, except full of all the stuff we don't know what to do with and haven't gotten around to organizing. Case in point, there are FOUR bookcases in that room just holding tons of books and DVDs. Like we have one entire bookcase devoted to DVDS. Why?!? And we hardly ever watch them because they are upstairs in our spare room and not downstairs near the TV.

There has got to be a better way. I've seen people put the DVDs into a cd booklet, but I have never really liked that. It seems really hard to keep them organized by title for searching and browsing. So looking for something better, I turned to what any sane blogger would do in a time when she needs guidance: Pinterest. And low and behold I found some awesome options.

What I like about all these is that they are alphabetized, and you can easily add a new DVD to the mix without having to rearrange everything else. I think my favorite option is the bottom photo because it has letters breaking up each section. The first photo is intriguing because it has the covers included... but that means I'd need to trim them all down to fit in there... and let's be honest: ain't nobody got time for that. I think the second photo is probably the easiest option because it uses cases and sleeves you can buy at the Container Store for around $12. Tempting....

I am currently wrestling with Husband, who likes all the DVD case boxes. I am preeeeetttyyyy sure I am going to win this one because I have the ultimate trump card -> crazy pregnant lady. But stay tuned to see how the battle ends.

The Look for Less


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I spent some time on YouTube this weekend watching my favorite beauty bloggers, and I saw the beloved Celine Mini Luggage Tote in red (first picture above). Be still my heart. It is gorgeous. I mean, I am just going to be real and start out by saying there is no way I could ever spend that much on a bag. I didn't even need to look up the price to know this, but of course I did anyways. After much googling I couldn't find one listed on line. I found the bag everywhere, but not the price listed at any of the normal spots (Nordstrom, Saks, Bergdorf), which is never a good sign. I did find it on ebay, and they have it for around $2,000 - $3,000. YIKES.

But luckily, I am obsessed with Stella & Dot and I found a reasonable swap. The Stella & Dot option is saffiano leather (the same they use on LV bags), has a similar shape and color, and it is only $158. Ya, that's much better. As a S&D Stylist I pretty much own one of everything (#stylistprobs). I have this bag already in the black and white stripe option and use it EVERYDAY to haul my stuff to and from work. I throw my laptop, lunch, wallet, etc. in there. Sooo... if I am being honest... I probably don't NEED said bag in red, but gosh darn it now I WANT IT. I do use the other one everyday, so it would be a good investment, yes?

Okay, if I still want it end of next week I get to buy it. I am glad we had this chat. You agree that is reasonable right? I will tell my hubby you all talked me into it.



I have always been the type of person who tries to cram ten things into the day where there are only room for eight. 

When husband I first talked about growing our family, one of the first things he said to me was that I was going to need to slow down so I don't completely wear myself out. Full time job, board member of two societies, a research committee, volunteering for my community, and starting my Stella & Dot business. I guess when I list it all out, it does sound like a lot. But the thing is, I love them all! How are you suppose to tame your passion when you have so many things that you want to do? PLUS BLOGGING! I didn't make any time for blogging in the past few months and I really, really missed it. 

I've always been an overachiever, and I've always gone 100 miles an hour. And I have so many things I want to accomplish. So many goals. So many passions. 

I read this Beyonce quote the other day. I can't decide if it makes me feel better that she is able to get so much done in 24 hours, or bad that she can get so much more done than me. 

I am sure at some point I will figure this all out, and things will slowly start to rise to the top in order of priority. I guess then I can trim things off the bottom. Such is the burden of having big dreams!

And now for a nap.

(and then more work)

Pregnancy Musings


In no particular order, random things I have noticed about being pregnant....

1. My eyes are super dry. I googled this. Apparently this is an actual symptom of pregnancy? Dry eyes? Okay. I guess that means I will be in glasses a lot more. (Side note: this picture was the ONE DAY last week I wore contacts)

2. Holding up this belly is hard work. My ab muscles actually feel sore from it all. Do they make a sports bra for your baby bump stomach? No, seriously. Do they?

3. Cravings by trimester: First: Cantaloupe, Second: French Fries, Third (almost) : Mac n Cheese

4. Coordination: Today I managed to not only slip and fall on wet tile at my office building, but I also tried to climb a wall and didn't make it. I was running into work and the floor was wet, you know, because of the crazy Portland rain, and I did this epic slow motion fall. I opened the door, my shoes hit the tile and slipped out from under me, and I slowly landed on my knee and then collapsed to my booty. The only reason I didn't completely lay myself out is because I was HOLDING THE DOOR HANDLE. For real. Next, I was try to climb a small wall (like 2 feet tall) to take a short cut back to my car. I put my foot on the top of it, went to stand up on it, and my legs couldn't handle lifting my new weight and buckled under me and I jammed my shin into the brick. Awesome. I think my legs aren't use to carrying around this baby. I suppose I could work out.... but nah!!

5. I miss clothing. Like cute clothing. The kind with waist bands. And why is it so hard to find office appropriate maternity clothing??? This suit jacket is actually just an up-sized jacket from Ann Taylor. Looking for an actual maternity suit jacket is pretty much a lost cause. I don't understand. What are all the pregnant women wearing at work??

6. If you can't find more clothes, just wear more jewelry. My go to right now are skinny maternity jeans, a tee, and piles of jewelry. I think I am overcompensating. I might be a walking wall of sparkle by the time this baby comes out. Just layers and layers of sparkle.

7. Is it bad I haven't started the baby room yet? I haven't even bought any clothing. I am such a procrastinator. I need to clean out all the junk in my spare room and start transitioning it. But that just sounds like so much work. I need a nap just thinking about it...

8. This baby has some serious SASS! Just like her mama. She is super active. Lots of kicks, lots of flipping around in there, lots of sticking her booty out and making my stomach lopsided. It's the craziest feeling!

9. I need a nap (did I already mention that?)

10. I think I picked my baby room colors - so that is progress, yes? I am thinking white, gray, navy, and light pink.