Hey there! It's nice to meet you! 
My name is Tegan, and welcome to my blog!

This blog is a love letter to my life. 
I enjoy celebrating life's good moments
and writing about the fashion I love to wear. 

I'm a bargain shopper to the core. 
I rarely pay full price for something
and enjoy combing through the clearance racks and thrift stores. 
Both the blazer and pants in this picture were thrifted
for a total combined cost of seventeen dollars. 

I believe in putting your best foot forward each day. 
I enjoy wearing pretty things because they make me excited to walk out the door. 
If you are a lover of clothing or discount shopping, 
this place is for you.

Aside from the clothing, 
I am married to a wonderful man who somehow has learned to embrace my love for clothing.
When I am not shopping or working, 
I am at the motocross track supporting my husband's race career. 

On the food side of things, 
I have been gluten-free and limited dairy (I can still manage cheese) for five years. 
I live a gluten free lifestyle beyond my food choices,
but also in my selection of beauty and personal care products. 
Our home is a dedicated gluten-free zone. 

Thank you for visiting my creative space.
I hope we can be friends! 


  1. Tegan,

    I LOVE your about me!

    Thanks for being so down-to-earth with a touch of real woman and sarcasm sprinkled in for flavor!

    I'm also gluten and dairy intolerant, so I'd love to check out your recipes :)

    Happy blogging, lady!

  2. Oh Tegan, you totally made me smile. Many times. What fun to read your post. I hope you guys can get your land with your barn someday. How amazing would it be to grow your own food like that?! Anyways, wanted to say hi from a fellow PNW blogger!! I will hopefully be seeing you pretty soon at the meetup!!!


  3. This was funny and enjoyable to read. I'm glad to know that someone shares my affection for french fries. I ALWAYS list this as my favorite food. Also, I don't drink either. I just don't like the taste. And, banana milkshakes are about the best thing ever.

  4. Hi Tegan!!

    I absolutely adore your about me page!! I love your blog and you and I have so much in common :-) My blog is about daily love in my life and I'm also gluten and dairy free!! You are so lovely, let's be friends!! Following you now :-) Can't wait for future posts!

    XO Jenna