Impromptu Family Dinner


The night before Kendall left for Jordan was a bit hectic. Kendall was busy for obvious reasons, and I was working late and running errands. Between her packing and my errands, we shared a nice phone call. We discussed the meaning of life, airplane flights, how to hide a passport, etc...during which she also mentioned that Jared was cooking Polenta (what's that?). On my way home from errand running, it started to really sink in that Kendall would be leaving soon. I blame it on a case of separation anxiety, because my car drove itself to my parents house for an impromptu family dinner.

Kendall and Jared practice telepathy.

Mom and Dad wonder what's going on.

Turns out "Polenta" is code for delicious, fluffy corn.
Kind of like mashed potatoes, but mashed corn...if you will...

And then we all watched The Roast of Charlie Sheen.
Just your run of the mill American family night.

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