Washougal MX


Sunday was the last motocross race of the season at Washougal MX.
Lots of rain,
lots of mud,
lots of crashes
(people actually got their bikes so buried in mud they couldn't get back up)
but we survived!

very twilight

sexy cowboy husband

sometimes I wish we had a ranch

off to the races

go husband!

this doesn't even do justice to the amount of mud caked onto our bike
(that's right, I called it "our" bike)

and then we ate waffles for dinner.

breakfast for dinner is brilliant.
we should do this more often.

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  1. OMG, Tegan! We have a lot In common. Found you through V&J. My hubby also rides mx and I'm reading your posts about him and it feels like I'm reading my own life at the track. Lol. You can check out posts about my hubby under labels "A".

    Too bad y'all dont live closer, our husbands could ride together. Now following you! Congrats on your new camera.