Chicken Enchiladas


My friends always ask me for
gluten-free recipes.
So I decided to start posting them. 

I've been making these enchiladas a lot lately.
They are addicting.
And they make an excellent lunch the next day.
(If I can keep Husband from eating them all).

The most important part of this recipe,
is the gluten-free sauce.
Who has time to make this from scratch?
Not me.
This stuff is amazing.

4 chicken breasts, boiled
diced tomatoes
shreded cheese, we like monteray jack or colby jack
diced green onions

Gluten-free tortillas!
These ones are brown rice,
which I like because they are bigger.
You can also use corn tortillas. 

After boiling the chicken,
shred it into small pieces with your fingers.

Place chicken, tomatoes, onions, and cheese on a tortilla.
Hint: It helps the rolling process if you microwave the tortillas
between moist paper towels.

Place six enchiladas in a tray, 
pour sauce over top and bake.
I usually bake at 350 for about 10-15 minutes.

Melt some shredded cheese on top,
and enjoy!

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