Workout Intervention


I admit I've been slacking.
I haven't been to the gym
in three weeks
(at least).

If you asked me,
I'd probably tell you it's because
I've been really busy at work.
Which in all fairness,
is true.
But there should always be time
to stop at the gym,
even when you are busy.

On Monday,
I decided enough was a enough
and took the stairs at work.
I thought this would be a simple challenge.

(note: not my actual stairs)

Nine flights of stairs.
I climbed nine flights of stairs.

And I had to stop at floors four and six
to catch my breath.

So in addition to climbing the stairs,
on my way to and from my desk,
I am going back to the gym.
I need some serious cardio help.

Thanks for listening.
(and keeping me honest)
I'll post a stair update when I can make it
without stopping.

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