2011 Highlights


Inspired by one of my favorite blogs,
I decided to throw together some
highlights from 2011!

{13} Husband asked me to marry him
(technically this was at the end of 2010,
but husband said I could still count it)

{12} My amazing friends came out for my bachlorette party

{11} I watched a lot of motocross

{10} I rediscovered the joy of thrift shopping

{9} I read a lot of good books by the fire

{8} Husband and I had lots of date night adventures

{7} I made my first thanksgiving for Husband.

{6} We had our first Christmas at home and bought our stockings

{5} I finally invested time into learning to cook gluten-free,
which means I am now eating much better,
and missing less and less foods.

{3} My sister and I grew even closer

{2} I spent time with the best friends a girl could ask for.
(PS aren't my friends gorgeous!)

{1} I married my best friend and love of my life.

I hope 2012 brings even more amazing times,
but 2011 will be pretty hard to beat.


  1. your wedding photo is like WOOOW!!! so lovely.

    and ps i pretty much adore jess's blog. she rocks!


  2. Oh my goodness you are so sweet! Thank you!!