Gluten Free Tuna Casserole


One of my favorite dishes growing up
was my dad's tuna casserole.
When I had to give up gluten,
I ran into several obstacles concerning this meal.
Namely: the noodles and cream of mushroom soup.

The noodles were easy to adjust
once I discovered Quinoa noodles,
but the cream of mushroom was much harder.
I recently came across a Tuna Casserole recipe
from my favorite cooking blog,
and decided to give it a try.
She already provides substitutes for gluten free,
so the only thing I tweaked was the milk
(I used rice milk instead)
and the cheese
(I doubled the amount!).

Wolfgang Puck's chicken broth is labeled gluten free,
and according to Chicken of the Sea's website,
they are also gluten free.

The recipe also calls for sharp cheddar, mushrooms, and peas.
To be honest,
I didn't measure the peas.
I just dumped a bunch in :)
And I close to doubled or tripled the cheese.

Butter, rice flour, and onions.

Everything combined.

Final product

I wasn't that confidant how it would turn out
having never cooked with rice milk before.
Let me just say it was delicious!
So good in fact that we ate half for dinner,
and packed the rest for lunch the next day.
I'm already planning to make a second batch this weekend.
I've got several years of missed casserole to make up for.

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