Things That Made Me Smile


Maybe now is a good time to mention
my philosophy on my blog,
which is this:

This blog is a place to remember things
 that make me happy.

And a few things that brought smiles 
to my face this week include:

1) Free Flowers
My office keeps plants outside the conference rooms
I guess as a way to bring some sunshine into our day.
Long story short,
they upgraded the plants on my floor,
and didn't have a home for the old ones. pink flowers?
I am super excited to go thrifting 
for a cute pot to hold these.

2) Funny Signs
I saw this while walking through the mall.

If it had said french fries
or gluten-free cupcakes,
instead of marshmallows,
I would have bought it for my office.

3) I Made It Up The Stairs
Back in December
I launched my own workout intervention
because to be honest,
I'd been slacking.
To get to my office floor each morning,
I can take the elevator,
or hoof it up ten flights of stairs.
And since the intervention,
 I've been taking the stairs.
By the time I get to my desk,
I am usually totally out of breath.
And I typically have to stop a couple times on the way up
you know,
to breathe.
But this week I made it all ten flights
without stopping once!
Of course, 
I was only able to do that one day.
The next day I was out of breath half way up.
But it's a start!
And my pants already fit looser.
(just saying)


4) Fur Scarf
I decided I wanted a fur scarf this week.
I know I'm a tad late on this trend,
but whatever.
At least I'm going to enjoy it now!
When I went on the hunt at H&M,
I found one on clearance that was perfect!
And it was marked down to seven dollars.
It looks a lot like this:


How can that not make you smile?

5) I ALMOST Burnt the Carp Out of My Hand
You read that right.
I said almost
and I said carp
(like the fish)
((because hey, they usually get fried))

True story folks.
I was making BBQ Pork Tenderloin,
and I decided to use my fancy meat thermometer
by leaving it in the pork while it cooked...
in the oven...
because it's fancy and you can do that.
Well I'm so use to that thermometer 
being room temperature
that when the pork was done I grabbed it 
with my bare hand.

Okay so here is why this makes me smile.
This could have gone SO BAD.
But I spent the next few hours with my hand
in a bowl of ice water.
And the next day it barely hurt.
It didn't even blister.
And that is a miracle
because the thermometer was reading 
170 degrees Fahrenheit
when I grabbed it.
So yes, 
I am happy with my mild burn.

I hope you all had a stellar week!

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  1. way to go on the stairs! i hate running stairs after i haven't done it in a while, but once you've got it, it feels so good! : )