When It Snows in Portland


Hello new friends!
I've noticed a few new faces
following and commenting lately.
I am so happy you are here!

(No but seriously.
I send my Husband a text
each time someone new shows up.
I'm so excited)

I'm sure you all woke up today
desperately seeking a weather update
and I wanted you all to know that today
Portland is suppose to get snow.
Like 1-3" of snow.
So much snow they issued a weather advisory.
Why is a weather advisory needed?
Because last time it snowed...
this happened.

This video was actually shot
from an apartment in Portland.
(Were you able to count the number of cars hit?)
I know.
I'd like state for the record,
that I can in fact drive in the snow.
It's the other people who scare me.
I think this video is good cause for concern.

Despite this,
I actually really love snow.
I wish we got more of it.

1 comment:

  1. This looks scary - the cars and the driving. The snow actually looks quite pretty. Stay safe!