Glory Days


I stopped by the grocery store yesterday
on my way home from work,
and while I was walking down the bread aisle
(ironic coming from the gluten-free, I know)
I saw a high school girl wearing 
a cheerleading jacket from alma mater.

Back in my 'glory days',
I was on the cheerleading team,
and I get so excited to talk about cheerleading,
my first instinct was to go over and say hi
and ask about the program.

And then I paused...

and realized I've become 'that person'.
You know, 
the really old lady who wants to talk about
how things were done back in their day?

So instead I kept right on walking,
and tried to hold on to some old lady dignity.

But that doesn't mean I can't share a photo
with all my bloggy friends!

That's me on the far right in the air.

Oh, where has my youth gone...


  1. i am "that" person.
    but i am that" person when it rains here.
    and i sit there and i think about the california sunshine.
    "that" person that moved and had no idea what she was getting into!
    xx jes

  2. Toooootally with ya girl. I just gave an 18 year old advice about picking a major in college. And I listened to myself and felt like I was 85. Haha!

  3. :) This was sweet...Now I'm going to be more conscious of these things, though at 25 years I already feel like I do it too! Yikes!