Gym Time


Last week I worked up some motivation
and made it to the gym THREE times.
This is quite an accomplishment
because before that I hadn't been in weeks (months?).

My biggest hurdle has been my work schedule.
I've been working later into the evenings
and it's been spilling over into the weekends too.
But then I had a moment of clarity last week,
where I realized I was having trouble sleeping
because I wasn't working out.
Not in a 'I feel guilty about not working out' way,
but more that my body wasn't getting the balance it needed.
So I decided that I was just going to go,
even if that I meant I was up working even later when I got home.

And you know what,
it was AWESOME.
Also, it completely lifted my spirits,
so much so that I reverted back to my inner dork
as is evidenced below...

It started innocently enough, where I thought about doing a gym inspired outfit post. 

Because I am always looking for recommendations on workout gear, 
and I like to see what other people recommend...

And then I realized Husband and I had accidentally coordinated our gym clothes,
and I wanted to be all stealth and get a picture of him too without him noticing.
Ya, he noticed.
I don't know what it was that gave me away...

And then I had lost any resemblance of cool, and I entered a downward spiral.

I hope everyone else has this much fun at the gym.

In case you are wondering,
I actually did workout while I was there.
(despite these pictures of me goofing off)
I ran, used the elliptical, did some Pilates,
and was pretty much a total rock star.
Or so I like to tell myself...

Here's hoping I can carry that motivation into this week!

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  1. i went to the gym for the first time the other day in months as well. i've been doing yoga in sellwood but i haven't done that in weeks either :)

    ps i made it to the PSU market and it was amazing. so much good food!

    and the SUN IS OUT right now!

    xx jes

  2. Good for you on making it to the gym and having fun while there!

    It's awesome that your hubby and you go together. That should work out for awesome motivation.

    new follower!

  3. You go girl!!! I love that you took photos at the gym!! I wish I could work out with Eric...but I work out in the morn and he is in the evening! Keep it up will feel so much better!!

  4. i love the bright workout gear... those shoes are SO fun.

    ssaw your button on emily's blog and was stopping by! too cute!