Family Weekend


Last weekend we were out of town
visiting Husband's family
to celebrate grandpa's 80th birthday!
(read about grandma's 80th bday here)

It was great seeing the family,
and spending time time with everyone!
Also, special thank you to Uncle Mark,
for taking the first three of these photos!

{Family photo for grandpa's bday.
Special Note: There is a pine cone near Trixie the dog
that looks a wee bit like she left us a present. Do you see it?}

{Life of the blogger, always have the camera ready. 
Also, how cute is my pregnant sister-in-law? She just glows}

{Husband and I}

{I'm told its "completely normal" for brothers to wrestle}

{I kind of want girls now...}

{Brother-in-law, Father-in-Law, and Husband}

{Husband and Brother-in-law at the track}


  1. Ha! I am told its completely normal for brothers to wrestle. I guess that's better than if it was sisters. All though that might warrant popcorn and a drink and a few tickets sold

  2. how fun! I love your outfit :) {&& I totally agree - your SIL makes a very cute preggo lady!}

  3. You husband and brother in law wrestling is hilarious. I only have sisters so I have those same thoughts when I see my husband and his brother wrestling around together too!