Memorial Day Weekend


Three day weekends are awesome.

Husband and I were crazy productive
this holiday weekend. 
I did like 8 loads of laundry
(no joke, we had a lot of laundry)
cleaned out our second bedroom,
which had become a holding place
for all the things we didn't know what to do with,
and I busted out my new clothes steamer
(gift from my fabulous parents)
and steamed half my wardrobe,
which had been hanging in the 
'to iron' pile for longer than I care to admit....

Additional highlights include...

{thrifting! half off at Value Village = happy me!}

{How fabulous are these glasses? They remind me of Anthropologie, but only cost a dollar...what what!}

{Ann Taylor Jacket - Love}

{Ann Taylor Dress - the fabric is amazing!}

{Lux coat and Petite Sophisticate skirt}

{New Jewelry! Some this you've seen before, but I finally washed it so its ready to wear}

{Loving these fabrics}

{Man chores - Husband fixing our fence}

{The entire wood post had rotted out because the old owners set the concrete so low}

{We ate way too many grilled cheeses this weekend...
Udi's gluten free bread, cheddar, and tomato slices}

I hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend!
Here's to a short work week!


  1. Grilled cheese is my FAVORITE. I want one right now.

  2. I feel like we should go thrifting together. But Natalie will have to come too. Because you are an experienced thriftier and I need someone to help me track you down when you zip around the store!

  3. i have never been thrift shopping but reading everyones blogs that do, makes it sound so fun! love me a grilled cheese!

  4. So that grilled cheese looked yummy, but those Ann Taylor outfits even more yummy!

  5. Cute cute! I just recently got into thrifting and it is addicting! Haha. And I am a good cook, but for some reason I can't make a good grilled cheese to save my life! Haha what the heck!

  6. grilled cheese is totally my new favourite since going GF. gluten free bread is so only ok when toasted :)

  7. Great to meet you this weekend. I had to pop over and check out the ol' blog. It's official, you're waaaay fancier than I am. :o) But that cheese oozing out the sides of that sammy make me want to curl up and snuggle it. I love me some cheese.