When Husband Gets New Toys


Husband recently got sponsored
by Motorcycle Superstore for his race season.
As part of his sponsorship,
they sent him a sizable gift card.
And one of his new toys showed up last week.

It's a tire changer. 
I have no idea how it works,
but apparently it's 'a big deal'.

Have you ever watched a guy
open a brand new toy or gadget?
It's priceless...

Presenting the new toy...

Husband: Okay, so I think this goes here...

Husband: And then you twist it like this...

Husband: Huh, I wonder what this does... I should put that here...

Husband: Okay wife, do you see how cool this is? This is like the coolest thing ever

Husband: No seriously, this is going to make life so much easier.

Husband: Wife? What are you doing? Are you paying attention?

This must be what it is like for him
when I bring home all my shopping bargains!


  1. Boys and their toys!
    Such a cute post though! :)

  2. I do not pay attention to any of Chris' extra curricular activities a because they involve fishing poles and the thought of them bores me.

  3. Wanted to let you know, I'm hosting a protein powder giveaway-- and I'd LOVE for you to enter :)


  4. Haha love that last sentence, I guess everyone who ever had a relationship knows that feeling:D

    xx Kate