Hello Lover!


Husband is buying me a camera!!!
(I am really excited)

He's been working overtime the last few weeks
and he saved up some extra spending money for us
so we could splurge and finally buy a big kid camera.

Otherwise known as something more advanced
than our iphone cameras.

We've picked out a Nikon D3100,
and I shall use it to take even better outfit pics
and get action shots of Husband at his mx races.

(and obviously I have the best husband ever)

Also, tonight is my first ever blogger meet up,
which is different than a blogger date.
This is more official
and with bloggers I don't even know.
So I guess it's like blogger speed dating?

Are any of you going? 


  1. Aww, what a lovely gift from your husband! Have fun at the blogger meet, sounds fun =) Your blog is so cute!

    Suzie Q

  2. The D3100 it a great camera...you'll love it!

    Sunny Blonde Studio

  3. SOOOOO jealous about the camera. I went to buy a DSLR earlier this week but remembered our goal to pay off my (very expensive) braces by the end of the year (so not as fun!)

    Have fun at the blogger meet up!

  4. Ugh. Can you feel my jealously radiating from way over here in Nebraska? I was saving up for a DSLR... and then I bought an iPad...

  5. Is today the day?! I couldn't believe that some of the pics on here weren't from a "good"camera tho! You take great pictures.

    It was so fun to meet you IRL last night! I thank Jesus you guys were there cause otherwise there's no way I could have endured!