I Whip My Hair Back and Forth


Blazer: Banana Republic, Pants/Sweater/Bracelet: JCrew Factory, Shoes: Franco Sarto

Having a fashion blog has caused me to realize two things:

First, if anyone found my phone,
they would think I am a total narcissist,
because I literally have hundreds of pictures on my phone
of just me and my outfits. 
And while I don't mind having my picture taken,
I swear the only reason those are on there
is so I can archive the outfits.

Second, if I stand in the shade,
and Husband takes my picture from out in the sun,
it will look like I have no face
and that I am really, really pasty white. 

Third, (okay, I've realized three things)
there were always be weird
"I whip my hair back and forth"
photos caught on film.
And these pictures are best responded to
by laughing at yourself.
And also noticing that your hair has finally gotten long.


  1. Tehehe. You just have to laugh at yourself some times, especially when it comes to outfit post photos. You look adorable :] That blazer is fantastic!

  2. I love it! While, yes, it would be totally weird to look on someone's phone and see a bunch of pictures of just them... I think it would be EVEN WEIRDER for someone to just start looking at pictures on your phone. So I think you are safe. :)

    Have you guys picked a "big kid" camera to buy?

  3. I want long hair {again} and I delete my outfit pictures as I post them... mostly because {I take them myself} there's 60+ per session! LOL You look gorgeous girl.

  4. You hair HAS gotten long! It's beautiful!


  5. Your post title made me laugh. I have the exact same problem with the disappearing face, and also I am familiar with that wave of anxiety that happens after I've handed over my camera to show someone a photo because I'm praying that they don't decide to just start flipping through the pictures (plus, isn't that rude? but people totally do it!!!). How will I explain why there are 50 pictures of myself!?

  6. Haha, just found your blog and love this post. If anyone looked through my phone pics they would think I drink way too much beer and am obsessed with my dog :)

  7. haha i don't think you are a narcissist -i do love that out fit though! i'm starting to teach and those are perfect pieces to incorporate!

  8. Hi! Jes sent me over to meet you, or actually, I guess you sent me to meet you. Anyway, nice to meet you and great blog! Have an awesome afternoon!

  9. Found you through your post on Jes's site. I left a comment there saying I don't have a gluten allergy but my doctor insists I will feel better if I have a more gluten-"light" diet. So I'm sticking with you, girlfriend!

  10. Hehe I LOVE THIS!! You are adorable my cute friend!!