Trail Riding


I've been trying to come up with new
date ideas for Husband and I.
My latest burst of brilliance was to go 'trail riding'.
Now, when I heard 'trail riding' 
I was picturing nice, flat, paved, wide trails
where we could take a leisurely pedal on our bikes.
I should never make assumptions.

Trail riding is more like racing out of control
on a narrow dirt path riddled with things trying to crash you.
Giant roots, rocks, and blackberry bushes 
stretching their thorns across your path.

And then there was the part where I didn't realize
each brake on the handle bars controlled a different tire 
(front versus back)
and I only applied my front brake when I was 
racing out of control down a steep incline
and my back tire lifted off the trail into the air
and I almost went head first onto said trail.

I think for our next date I am just going to buy a new movie.

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