Mountain View MX


{Husband throwing a trick as he crosses the finish line}

Husband finished his season out
with a second place trophy in the 250 Junior class
at his Mountain View MX race a few weeks ago.

This season was a fabulous run for Husband
and next season we will be moving on
to bigger and better bikes!
Husband is extremely excited to be buying a new bike next year,
which is the result of him killing the engine on his current one!

We'd like to give a special thanks to Husband's sponsor this year,
Motorcycle Superstore!
They provided him some excellent resources this season,
and our family pocket book thanks you dearly!

PS: I've added a 'Motocross' page to the blog.
If you want to see more MX pictures of Husband,
feel free to take a gander!


  1. this is so awesome!! (i'm a newer follower and had no idea he did motocross!) my husband is super jealous and wants to be his BFF cept he could never do any sort of motocross because he has a habit of hardcore biffing it on dirtbikes...
    thats awesome!

  2. I went to a motocross championship once, and it was super neat to get to see this all the time!