Scenes of Late


{gorgeous sunrise in the morning}

{women supporting breast cancer awareness at the MX park}

{blurry photos of what I've worn to work lately}

Thank you all for the sweet emails and comments
regarding my new job!
It's been a really wonderful first two weeks.
And I've been so excited about all the new opportunities I am getting
that I have completely neglected the blogosphere!

I apologize for the lack of response to your comments,
but wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!
It has been so great to have the support
of all my new friends across the internet!

I promise I will be catching up on reading your latest blog posts,
responding to comments again,
and posting more regularly on the blog.
I've missed this corner of the world
where I get to scrapbook our memories.
And I've missed all my friends!

So hello again!
And I'll be talking with you all soon!

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