Every now and again I start to experiment
with my curly hair.
Actually, its more like modestly wavy.
But I digress.

I find that wearing it straight tends to have
'more consistent results',
which is probably why I style it like that more than not.
I can count on what its going to look like at the end.
But curly hair?
Sometimes I have good curly days,
and sometimes I have bad curly days.
I think anyone who wears their hair curly
can appreciate what I am saying here.
But in the winter months,
I tend to give in and roll the dice with my waves.
Even when I try to dry it straight,
by the time I get outside the humidity 
has caused it to frizz and partially wave anyways.

So friends, do those of you with curly hair
have any styling tricks?
I'm still trying to get the hang of this.

Also, I cannot wait for my hair cut this week!
It's been 6 months.
My split ends have split ends.
(no joke)

1 comment:

  1. This is so funny because I did my hair wavy this morning and thought about the fact that I hadn't seen you wear yours curly for a while now.

    And we must be best friends because I am getting my hair done this week too. I haven't had it cut since February. That's 10 months. That's bad. I'm guessing I'll be losing a good inch or so due to split ends.