I know what you are thinking,
"what in the world??"

Everyone, I'd like you to meet Sparticus.

As part of our company holiday party,
there was a white elephant gift exchange.
As it was explained to me,
this wasn't one of those 
"bring something nice people actually want"
type of exchanges.
It was all about who could find the weirdest gift out there, and
who could get the most laughs.

Now that's quite a lot of pressure
if you are the new kid on the block.
So what did I do?
I grabbed my mom and we went thrifting.
Mission: Find the ugliest thing in there.

Sparticus definitely got a rise out of people.
There were lots of laughs,
followed by threats to put him in our office kitchen.
In the end though, he ended up the lucky person's office.
We've decided he is a dog treat holder.

To be honest,
I kind of miss him.
His ugly face kind of starts to grow on you...

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