Finally, a Velvet Blazer!


I have been searching for the perfect velvet blazer
since JCrew started making them 5 years ago.

It had to be the right color.
It had to be structured
(because a lot of velvet blazers aren't and they end up looking not so great)
and it had to be cut for a petite person.
And then of course, 
it couldn't be $200 or whatever JCrew charges for theirs.

Okay so I wasn't going to stop by the thrift store.
I've been there too many times this month.
I had just been poured rain upon for hours
and it was so windy my umbrella wouldn't work
(horizontal rain folks. umbrellas are worthless)
so I was drenched,
but I stopped anyways.
And I found IT.
The perfect velvet blazer.
For $10.

Cue the cheers and applause.

I may wear this every day for a week.

PS I also thrifted that white shirt that same day too!
Because it looked good with my new blazer.

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