The Importance of a Tailor


Without a doubt,
one of the most important things I did for my wardrobe 
was locate a good tailor. 

For years I walked around with ill fitting clothing.
Things that weren't the right length,
were too big in the waist, or
sleeves that were too long.
Here is what I have learned:
even really expensive clothing will look cheap if it doesn't fit right.
And likewise, really cheap clothing can look really expensive if you tailor it.

One of the reasons I love thrift shopping so much is I can afford to buy nice clothes
from places like JCrew, Banana Republic, BCBG, etc. for a fraction of the cost
and then take it be altered to fit me perfectly. 

Whenever I buy something now,
I factor in an alteration cost.
I know if  I buy a skirt I need to add a few dollars to the price to have the waist adjusted.
This keeps my skirts from spinning when I walk or
from riding up on my thighs.

So my PSA for the day is to recommend you all find tailors. 
They will be your newest best friend!
Because let's face it,
who doesn't love someone who can make their outfits look amazing?


  1. I am my own tailor. :D As a kid I would wear things that would be to big and now I refuse to wear things to big for me...but if its minor adjustments I will take it and fix it. :)


  2. I am perpetually in need of a good tailor because women's pants never come in the right length! Sadly, not in my budget.
    one sweet tuesday.

  3. I couldn't agree with you more. A tailor is a girl's best friend!! A good tailor. I have a great tailor and it makes a big difference.


  4. Love the pants and pumps together! So bright and cheery.

    XO Jenna

  5. Great advice. I've never actually gone to a tailor but I'm visualizing how those pink pants are going to look on you once she's done. AMAZING!!