Wardrobe Upkeep


Now that it's starting to transition to spring,
I have a long list of wardrobe maintenance that needs to happen.

First on my list,
I need to visit the tailors.
I bought a bunch of cute colored jeans last year on end of season clearance
(read: about twenty dollars per jeans)
that need to be hemmed.
I usually end up taking about a foot off the length of my jeans.
Such is the story of the short person.
Last season I uwould just role the legs following along with the JCrew catalog trends,
but now I want them all hemmed to ankle length.
I think it has a great leg elongating look paired with stilletos.

I also need to visit the cobbler.
I wore through the heels of some good shoes this winter.
A few of my stilletos need new heel caps.
Two pairs of boots need new soles.
I never use to invest in fixing my boots each season,
but now that I am buying more quality pieces I want to take care of them
so they last for seaons to come.

Now is also a good time to purge my sweater collection.
I can think of at least one or two sweaters that are starting to pill and look worn
that I could do without to make room for new great buys.
Since I have a small closet,
I require myself to regularly purge my closet to make room for new items.
It also keeps me from creeping into the limited space
Husband has in our closet!

What's on your to do list for your spring wardrobe?


  1. Like your new header! ☺

    I always go through my stuff in the spring and see what I didn't wear that winter...if I never wore it...it goes.

    I am also refashioning right now and I have quite a list of things in my closet that I want to sew that it fits prefect and not kinda big/weird.


  2. Love your style! This outfit is darling.

  3. Loving how you mixed prints. I am wanting some maxi skirts and i need a new pair of everyday sandals.