For her wedding day,
my best friend selected a designer, a fabric, and a color,
and then gave us bridesmaids the liberty to pick our dress cut
and accessorize how we wanted.

Ordering a bridesmaid dress is kind of tricky.
As a petite woman,
I never have the option of trying something on in my size.
Wedding dress stores usually carry more universal sizes,
so while I originally tried this on in a size 12,
I had to image how a 00 would fit on me when it came in.
Additionally, these dresses do not have a petite option,
which meant I had to keep in mind how the waist would hit
since it was designed for a taller frame.

To get the best results, I kept a few key things in mind when selecting my dress:

First, I got something that fit my shape.
I have an hour glass shape,
which means I needed something that would cinch at my waist,
and not be too tight on my hips.
I wanted to highlight my waist as the smallest part of my body,
so I picked a cut with a large band there.

Second, I kept alterations in mind.
This dress was great because if it didn't fit 'off the rack'
the alterations would be easy.
With a strapless dress I would only have to worry about adjusting the length,
and then the side seams if the torso didn't fit.
The other options would have required straps, shoulders, hips, etc. to adjust.
That would have been MUCH more costly.

Third, work your accessories.
I'm not super confident in a strapless dress.
I feel somewhat naked in them.
That's why whenever I wear one,
I like to put on a chunky statement necklace.
I feel like it adds some more coverage,
and it leaves me feeling more comfortable.

Hope that helps any of you ladies out there
who are getting ready to order a bridesmaid dress for this summer!
Do any of you have other tips?

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  1. Your dress is very pretty. Love the colour and that you kept it simple. Choosing a bridesmaids dress is never easy, especially when you have many bridesmaids all with different body types.

    Don't forget to link up to my weekly Tres-Chic Fashion Thursday Link Up. Hope to see you there.


  2. Hi Tegan, Very, very pretty dress you've had made. I think it's a great idea to give your bridesmaids the freedom to choose their own dress design. You've sure nailed a suitable look here. Stunning on your petite frame. Now the question is, will you wear it again? I think you can. A change of accessories to something more playful and away you go.

    Sue xo

  3. That's pretty awesome that you got to choose the dress that would work best for you! I love the flowers you got to carry! Those are a pretty sweet accessory! :P I know what you mean about not feeling totally comfortable in strapless dresses. I've never actually worn one in public without a shirt underneath or a jacket on top...just in case...