Sequins. Obviously


Shirt/Bracelet/Belt: JCrew, Shoes: Guess, Pants/Blazer: Banana Republic

When I have no idea what to wear,
I grab some sequins and roll with it.
They just make me feel pretty.
And sparkly...
And why shouldn't I get to sparkle every day?
Who decided sequins were to be reserved for special occasions?
I obviously didn't agree to this.
So I will wear them whenever I please.
Even on a regular work day!

Glad to see you are all still here
having survived the dreaded shut down of Google Reader.
What are you using now to follow your favorite blogs?


  1. Yes, RIP Google Reader. I've been using Bloglovin...slowly but surely adjusting. I love your sequins! I think every day should be a sequins kinda day too. :)

    Style of One's Own

  2. Love your outfit, especially the white blazer with the black piping. Gorgeous.