Jestina's Wedding


So Jestina got married...
and it was GORGEOUS.
Her ceremony was so beautiful, and I definitely shed a few tears.
I am such a sap. I couldn't keep it together.
It was also really special for me to be invited to such an intimate ceremony.
Their wedding was around 100 guests,
and to be one of those rare 100 sure does make you feel special.
I am so glad we stumbled across each others blogs and became great friends.
I look forward to the day that Sharkie and Wilbur meet, so they can also be BFFs.

It was also great to hangout with everyone!
Huge shout out to Shannon and Andy who came from a far.
And it was so great to see Natalie and Phil, and sweet baby Henry.
Oh my gosh, that face.
I can't get over the cuteness exuding from those pics above!