I am finally starting to figure out how to use my camera.
I've had my Nikon D3100 for a while now.
Maybe a year or so?
But until recently I have been relying entirely on the preset options.
They actually work pretty well to tell you the truth.
But one of my favorite parts of photography is how professionals are able to play with the light,
so I wanted to make an effort to branch out.

I knew that there were some settings I needed to learn to manipulate...
essentially the shutter speed, ISO, and f-stop,
but I had no idea how to do that on my camera.
So a special thanks to Natalie for showing me how to change the settings
while we were having dinner at Jestina's wedding.

Since then I have been playing around with things
to see if I can learn my way around my camera.
I'm still not entirely sure what I am doing,
but I am getting better.
And these pictures are ones I am pretty proud of.

Technically speaking Husband took these,
but I programmed all the settings on the camera before giving it to him,
so I am taking credit.
I am pretty sure he'd let me anyways.
That whole being in love thing and what not :)


  1. you look great! your husband did a wonderful job taking your pics!

  2. okkkk so! i have the same camera! i've had it for 2 years. i love it to death! i use the no flash preset the most, and i've been dabbling with aperture/shutter priority all that good stuff-its fun! can't wait to see the other pics you take!