The Season of Weddings


This has been the season of weddings.
And bridal showers.
And baby showers.
And while we are at it, birthdays.

The last several weekends have been spent celebrating life's amazing moments
with dear friends who are starting their next chapters.
And while I have been wearing regular clothes to work,
I haven't gotten any pictures of them.
Lame-sauce I know.
So you are probably going to see a lot of wedding looks these next few months :)

This look is from my dear friend Christina's wedding.
Love you girl!


  1. Love that dress, so pretty! I thought the city looked really familar...then I saw your pictures on the beach in Oregon and realized that it must be Portland! I just moved to Portland last month so I am glad I stumbled across your blog! Also, my husband and his family loves motocross--small world! xoxo

  2. Yay!!! Love that dress. So pretty!

  3. your dress is SO prettttty! love it and it looks like you had a beautiful beautiful afternoon
    loving your blog!