Dry Hair Cut


Have any of you ever gotten a dry hair cut before?
I had my first one about three years ago,
but before then I didn't even know they existed.

A dry hair cut is exactly what is sounds like.
They cut your hair completely dry.
Why would be people do this you ask?
Well, for a variety of reasons..

1. I don't have to worry about what's in the hair products used (i.e. gluten)

2. I'm growing my hair out, and it let's the stylist see exactly where the split ends start and stop

3. I have a few cowlicks and it let's me make sure the layers will lay correctly when dry

The only tricky thing is that it seems to be really hard to find people who do a dry cut.
I guess it is considered a specialty.
I'd be curious to hear about other people's experiences with them!


  1. My stylist prefers to cut your hair dry and has done a fabulous job at making sure she has products that I am willing to use in her solon! I have gotten used to getting my hair cut dry and I love the finished product so much more. Good luck in your search for the perfect stylist!

  2. OOH I want to find someone to try this with!! Never heard of it before :)