Weekend Work


So, unfortunately I've been bringing my work home with me on the weekends.
I know, I know.
It's not a good precedent to set.
Weekends are suppose to be your time to relax and recharge for the week.
But I have a tendency to over commit myself.
And the work I am doing is not actually 'work',
as in the sense I don't get paid for it.
It's volunteer stuff I do for my career,
like submitting abstracts to conferences,
working with non-profits I support, etc.

The only good part about my weekend work
is that lately I've been able to do it at the motocross track.
So while Husband is zipping around the track
my intern and I (eh hem Wilbur) work away on my laptop.
I actually manage to get a lot done,
and the scenery makes it feel less like I am actually working.
I even get a nice tan and a huge surge of Vitamin D.
But as you can see,
my intern is pretty much worthless.
The lazy bum....

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