For the Love of Jewelry


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I finally decided to take the plunge with something I've been thinking about for a while.
I blame this on having a fabulous, overly enthusiastic friend, 
as well as the fact that I got a killer deal on some fab jewelry. 

I've decided to be come a stylist with Stella & Dot
This means I now get access to completely stunning jewels,
to throw parties with my girl friends where we get all glamoured up,
and talk fashion with folks any.time.any.where.

Okay but so here is the real secret about this, 
which I don't know WHY no one told me this before.

So if you sign up right now (as in like the next 30 days),
you get $450 in jewelry for FREE.
There is one catch, it costs $199 to sign up.
BUT, if you think about that, it's like getting a 50% off coupon. 
For becoming a stylist, I got all the jewelry shown above as part of my enrollment.

I've been coveting the renegade bracelet for years,
and I've been wanting those green gem earrings since I saw them in People Style Watch.
So for close to the price of both those items, 
I got the rest of this for free.
So if you've been thinking about placing a Stella & Dot order at all,
I recommend you become a stylist. 
For real.
And you can sign up through me,
and we can be new BFFs. 

Or you can just order some stuff. 
That works too. :)

Now if you'll excuse me I am going to go start planning outfits to go with my new stuff!

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