Brighten YOUR Life


OMG - that's Danielle and I in the top left photo!!

One thing I will say about Stella & Dot is that they are super on top of motivating and training their Stylists!
I have been incredibly impressed ever since I signed up.
To be clear, I originally signed up because I wanted the free jewerly.
And that has totally been fullfilled. I have got thousands of dollars in free jewelry by being a Stylist.
(If you want to know more about this - send me an email!)
But what has caused me to switch from thinking of this as a hobby with jewelry perks
to a real business venture are the marketing and sales skills I am learning.
This type of experience and training is something I would have paid for. No joke.
It has made me a better public speaker, better at connecting with individuals and learning how to
warm people up to the idea of partnering and working together.
It has also allowed me to realize my potential as a business woman.
I just love it.

Last month I made a day trip up to Seattle for a Brighten Your Life event,
which is where current Stylists attended a training with our VP of Training Danielle Redner.
It was kind of a big deal to see her.
Every week we get an email to our inbox with a video message from Danielle.
The vlogs inspire us for the week, give us tips, and pretty much are the greatest thing ever.
So after watching tons of videos staring her, being in the same room with her was pretty incredible.
Like I had a celebrity moment and was all "OMG THAT'S DANIELLE!"

I feel it is important to note that not only did she greet me with a big hug,
she said she loved my name and my dress. I mean - best day ever!
(you know - not including meeting my husband, getting married, etc.).

One of the highlights of the trip though was the one on one coaching I qualified for with her.
I applied for a personal training session for Emerging Leaders within Stella & Dot.
I was so excited to get my email FROM DANIELLE telling me I had been accepted into the program.
Like I called my mom.
(yes I still do that).

The experience of working with her was amazing.
I felt so energized and excited for where I can take my business.
The best thing about this type of job is you really can grow your business as fast as you want.
It all comes back to your dedication and hard work.
It's such a simple philosophy, and I love it.

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