Spring Cleaning


Shirt: F21, Jeans: Old Navy, Jewelry/Clutch: Stella & Dot

I've been in the mood for some serious spring cleaning lately. More of a reorganization if you will. I don't know how I got into this habit, but I tend to leave things the way they are, maaaayyyybbbeee a little on the cluttered side, and then I wake up one morning and I have to fix it. Like right then. Right now!

About two weeks ago I decided my blog needed a revamp. It's been something I've always tweaked as a hobby and way to learn my own HTML coding. But to be honest, I wasn't that great at working with the layouts, and I would lovingly gaze upon other blogs in all their beauty and wish mine looked as clean. I wanted something more streamline and simple. Something that featured the photos more and the content. So I woke up one morning and thought - I am going to hire someone.

I decided to go with Andrea because of the gorgeous job she did over on Rachel's blog. I had no idea how long it would take to revamp my space, but man was she ever fast! I seriously think it took less than a week. And I LOVE IT. Normally I would now ask what your thoughts are, but gosh darnit I think it is perfect! And that is what matters :) I was seriously impressed with her, so if you ever need some help on your blog she is your lady!

The spring cleaning didn't stop there though. I completely turned our house inside out this weekend. As in I cleaned out our spare room (also known as the room of crap where I throw things I don't want to deal with finding a place for), I cleaned our whole downstairs, all the bathrooms - I even mopped! And when Husband wasn't looking I bought a new decorative pillow for our bed from Target. Gosh I love Target. I may have also bought a ton of stuff from the Oh Joy collection for precious baby Wilbur's first birthday party I am throwing next month. More on that later...

Anyhow it feels so good to have a clean and organized space online and at home. It just makes me feel so calm and peaceful. #happiness

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  1. Thank you for the sweet compliments Tegan! I'm glad you love your new design and cheers to you for spring cleaning your house! I need to get on that... haha :)

    andrea m.