Random Musings and Life Updates


1. So our furnace is broken. Its 25 years old, so I guess it had it coming. It's been breaking down a lot lately (like once a year) and now it needs a new mother board. I'm smart enough to know that's no good, so Husband and I have been auditioning heating companies on replacing our existing set up. In all, we've had five different quotes. Want to know what the variation is in pricing? $10,000. SERIOUSLY. WHAT THE HECK. How can there be a $10,000 spread between what people are suggesting? Pretty sure we found the company we want use - they are the provide the best pricing and we feel really good about our selection. I guess it's good we didn't go with the first estimate though (they were the most expensive).

2. I bought something in the juniors department at Target. Hint, it's this vest I have on in this photo. I was really just excited to pick something up that wasn't in the maternity section, which if you have been pregnant, you know is a vacant wasteland of lack of clothing. Well, they have leggings and over sized shirts. But nothing I can wear to work. Not really "office appropriate" attire to say the least. Most of my clothing has been purchased online through Old Navy at this point.

3. Husband is on the phone talking to his dad right now, and I over heard this "So I've been doing a lot of cleaning lately, and man is it exhausting!". I was REALLY excited - like, YA - IT IS EXHAUSTING! And to be fair, he cleaned our kitchen today. But then I waited a few seconds and it became apparent he is talking about weight lifting... like the type of cleaning you do when you pick a big weight up off the floor. Le sigh. No validation.

4. HOLIDAY PHOTOS!!! So this picture was taken by my gorgeous and talented friend Jewels. She is AMAZE-BALLS. I begged her to do an informal holiday picture session of Husband, Wilbur and I so we would have something for the Holiday Cards. I thought briefly about using an old photo... but since I am CLEARLY pregnant in real life right now, it felt weird to send out a Holiday Card photo with no baby bump. New photos were definitely in order. I should be getting more pictures from her soon and I can't wait to share them all with you! PS - where is the best place to order holiday cards through?

5. I am dying to cut my hair. Like I seriously looked at the scissors in my bathroom this morning and considered hacking off a few inches. I don't want to go short, but I haven't cut my hair in seven months and the ends. are. BAD. And also I just can't stand it getting caught in everything. One week left until my official hair appointment. I can make it... I think...

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