Wilbur's 1st Birthday


As I am sure has been well documented on this here blog, Precious Baby Wilbur is essentially my first-born child. I know I am pregnant and about to have a baby, but Wilbur still counts as a kid too. I love that little fluff ball! So what does any normal, loving mom do when her kid turns one? Clearly you have a birthday party and invite all their friends over!

His birthday was back in the spring (boo! I know I am late posting these) so thank goodness the weather was good. There is no way to have a successful dog party if you house if full of DOGS! Like eight dogs. That is just mad! Instead they hung out in the backyard. 

Most of my friends seem to have labradoodles, so poor Wilbur was the only dog there under 20 pounds. He spent a good portion of his party hiding under the table or sitting on my lap, but he definitely enjoyed his puppy cupcakes. I ordered cupcakes specifically made for dogs from a local Portland Bakery. They were apple and oat cupcakes with peanut butter filling and yogurt honey frosting. Wilbur definitely approved! 

The party was a huge success! We had  BBQ, hung out with our friends, gave Wilbur a bunch of puppy cake, and had a great time! Several of our friends (the labradoodle owners) mingled and swapped puppy tips. Rumor has it a few have started their own play groups! And the cutest thing ever, the puppies brought Wilbur presents. Seriously, I was not expecting that but it was the CUTEST surprise. They were even all signed by the dogs. Once we opened the first one, it was like he knew they were for him. He would tear into the wrapping paper and rip out the toys and treats. Oh he definitely thought it was the best day ever. 

Have any of you ever thrown a dog party before? We are totally having another one this year. It was just too fun!

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