The Holiday Spirit


Well, my house is officially decorated! The tree is up, the stockings are hung, I went a little crazy at the Dollar Store, and I made an ornament wreath! Not too shabby for someone who had no desire to decorate a week ago. Essentially I woke up Sunday and I was like, okay holidays... I AM READY!!! We went on our nature excursion to get our tree, I went to the Dollar Store and bought a TON of ornaments, and spent the whole day decorating, crafting, and getting our Holiday Cards ready to mail.

Truth be told, I was ALL READY to go to the hardware store and buy a fake tree. I'm eight months pregnant and whole idea of stomping around in the woods to find a tree was just not sounding appealing. BUT, it was super important to Husband that we cut our own tree. So we compromised and went to a farm where you pick your own and they cut it for you. Generally, this works by flagging someone down who cuts your tree and carries it to your car, but after waiting for 10 minutes Husband was having none of that so he cut it himself and carried back to our truck. How cute is he? Also, Wilbur had a strong sense of pride when he found our tree. Probably my favorite part was watching wee little Wilbur try and bound over the twigs through the brush to hunt for trees. He was trying SO HARD to jump high and move fast. It was hysterical.

Behold my homemade wreath :) I am quite proud. I followed this tutorial and it was SUPER easy. I think all said and done it cost me around $15 to make? The wreath shape was around $3 at Joann's and then I bought around 100 ornaments at the dollar store. WAY more cost effective than the pre-made $70 ones I was seeing everywhere...

Guys, I think this may have created a crafting addict. I really really want to make another one. I just need to find a spot in my house...

What kind of holiday decorating have you been up to??

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