I was reading some of my favorite blogs, and stumbled upon a new blog where the girl is getting married this month. From what I can derive, its either the same day as our wedding, or one week after. Jury's still out. Not sure it matters though (except that I'm a snoop).

Anyhow, said blogger (okay her blog is heart-of-light.blogspot.com, go check it out!) is reading this book in preperation for marriage: Spousonomics. It provides marriage advice that's based on economic principles.

This is too much for the engineer in me to handle. You mean to tell me I can actually STUDY my way to a successful marriage?! And I can start this BEFORE I am even married! This makes me slightly giddy. I am going to order this book on Amazon today. Now I just need to find one more thing to order on Amazon so I get free shipping ($25 rule). Any suggestions?
This book is by Paula Szuchman and Jenny Anderson, which I feel compelled to tell you because I accidently cropped that part of the cover out of this screen capture. Also, this picture is taken from Amazon. There, I think that puts me legal with all things copyrighted...

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