Weekend Highlights


Friday was an interesting day. It started with a trial hair style for our wedding next weekend. I loved my hair style. It seriously looks exactly like the picture I brought in. However, my appointment was at 9AM, which means I spent the day at the engineering office with wedding hair getting curious looks from my coworkers. It made for some serious entertainment!

Here is the picture I brought in:

After I left work, I spent Friday night watching Beastly on dvd, eatting gluten free pizza, and working some more. (Soon to be) Husband was out of town visiting his family, and I figure when you are by yourself on a Friday night you might as well be productive. I've seen Beastly a ton of times since I bought it, and truthfully its pretty corny. But hey, I like that sappy stuff.

Saturday marked my last dress fitting before the wedding! I am so happy it fit perfect! It would have been a nightmare if one week before the wedding it still didn't fit. Long story short, they keep insisting my waist is 24", which means they had to seriously take in my size 2 dress. Seriously. Which is SERIOUSLY scary. Alterations like that freak me out. You never know whats going to happen. (Soon to be) Husband came home later that afternoon and we enjoyed more gluten free pizza (hey, our wedding is in one week - this is part of the diet) and watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Pretty good movie. Excellent date night.

I spent ALL day, in a hammock in the backyard, reading a new book and working on my tan. The book was so good I finished it that day. Highly recommend (if you're into that non-educational, young adult stuff (read: Twilight type book)).

Ya, you can't actually click on the picture to look inside because I borrowed this image from the amazon website. But you CAN click here....

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