Value Village Treasure Hunt


I love second hand shopping, which most people who know me find odd, but whatever. I think its the thrill of the hunt. You dig through a pile of stuff and every now and then you find something really awesome. One time, I found a Channel scarf for 5 bucks. I'm still proud.

With all the wedding prep, I haven't had much time for treasure hunting. Now that I am an old married lady, I decided to go on the hunt again. Behold the treasures I found.

I am actually quite proud of myself. These are some good finds. Unfortunately, the vintage skirt, sequin top, and purple dress were not up to standard (some wear and tear) so I decided not to get them. I have high treasure standards. But I did get the vintage black dress. You can't really tell in the photo, but it has tool underneath and has such a great shape to it! It's fitted up top and then it flares to a perfect 1950's silhouette. I'll be staring in Mad Men next week. I also got a pair of navy blue corduroy pants from JCrew for 8 bucks. They are hidden behind the dress in this picture.

I'm already looking forward to my next treasure hunt.

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