Tegan's Closet


I love reading blogs where
you get to see what other people wear.
It gives me ideas of how to remix
my wardrobe.

This past weekend for the family birthday party,
I sported this look.

Banana republic shirt, Old Navy dress shorts, DKNY opaque tights,
Nine West boots, and Jcrew Necklace

if you hadn't noticed,
I'm trying to grow my eyebrows in
so I can reshape them.
This may actually be more painful
than that time I had to grow out my bangs.
I've never wanted to tweeze so badly....


  1. You're adorable. Ugh... I've grown out my brows before. I feel your pain girl!


  2. Thank you Natasha! It's so nice to make your acquaintance! I just checked out your blog and love it! Thanks for the comment :)