Value Village Treasure Hunt: Part Trois


A few weeks ago I had a shopping date
with my long time friend and fellow shopaholic,
Clearly mesmerized by all my great Value Village treasures,
she asked me to show her the ropes.

Yes, there is definite strategy to thrift shopping.

I bought a zebra print sweater and colorful scarf.

Christina got a Bebe jacket and Banana Republic linen pants.

treasure pose

We ended the night with a trip to JCrew. 
We have history at that store. 

Christina and I met while interning together one summer.
Our office was downtown,
and two blocks from JCrew.
We use to go there during lunch on payday to check out the sales. 

I got a really great jersey shirt and pin-striped button down on clearance.

And if I'd had an extra $85 to throw around
I would have bought this necklace.
I can  never resist the sparkle.

(hopefully it goes on clearance...)

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