Our First Thanksgiving


This year was our first Thanksgiving
as a married couple.
we planned to be out of town with family for the holiday.
But some things didn't work out,
so we settled in for our first holiday in our home.

I was so excited about making dinner.
I spent the week before picking out recipes,
shopping for ingredients,
getting things ready to set the perfect table.

You know how they say
'life is what happens when you are busy making other plans'?
Turns out,
that is totally true.
Our Thanksgiving was nothing like what we had planned.

I was in the kitchen,
slicing potatoes for a potato gratin dish,
when all of a sudden I heard water
spraying inside the cabinets under our sink.
full pressure,

Assuming a pipe had burst
(and too scared to look)
I ran outside to Husband.

Husband's first thought
was to turn the water off under the sink.
Turns out,
it was the shut off valve that broke.
It just clean blew off the pipe.
(the previous owners had installed plastic valves)
((who does that?!))

we got the water turned off at the street
after borrowing our neighbor's street key.
By that point,
our gorgeous hardwood floors
were covered in water.

We spent Thanksgiving day
using a wet vac and towels and comforters
(anything absorbent we could find)
to dry off our floors.

broken water valve.

our drenched comforter

By the end of the day,
things looked mostly okay.
It looks like our floors and furniture survived.
(They weren't wet that long).
And we managed to find some
chicken taquitos in the freezer for dinner.

We tried for Thanksgiving round two
on Black Friday.
And nothing else broke.  

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