Thanksgiving Round Two


For our first Thanksgiving,
(which at our house happened on Black Friday)
I went a little overboard on the food.
Thanksgiving use to be my favorite holiday.
But a few years back I found out I am gluten-intolerant,
and Thanksgiving isn't really a gluten-friendly occasion.
So this year,
I made up for four years of missed Thanksgivings.

I cooked a lot of potatoes that day


 we may have sampled this before dinner.
quality control...

Husband helped out with the turkey

Turkey carving
Dinner time!

We had:
Yukon gold mashed potatoes,
Sweet potato brule,
Potato gratin,
Cornbread stuffing,
Roast turkey, and
Lemon green beans.

I ate way too much.
And it was totally worth it.

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