Value Village Treasure Hunt: Part Six


Or as I like to think of it,
'The time I scored the $180 JCrew dress,
for TWELVE bucks!'

I know what you are thinking,
I've been shopping at
Value Village a lot lately.
Folks, I'm addicted.
This stuff is fabulous!
And so cheap!!

Banana Republic sweater

Another Banana Republic sweater.
This one is so cuddly.
It makes me want to wear leggings,
get a good book,
and sit by the fire.

No joke, I've been eyeing this dress for months.
But even on sale,
they still wanted like 80 bucks for it.
Victory is mine!

Anthropologie jeans.
These are a high-waisted, wide legged, trouser style.

I also bought these vases.
My parents have one like the one on the right,
and I have secretly coveted it for years.
I love the color of the glass.
I couldn't believe my luck when I found these!

My treasure chest.
PS How cute are their carts?

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