Black Friday Shopping


Black Friday is one of my favorite parts
of Thanksgiving weekend.
While I am not willing to line up
in front of a store at midnight,
I will definitely wake up early for a killer sale.

I made my annual run to Banana Republic
for their 40% off sale.
I decided earlier this year I needed
some more dress pants for work,
and this was the perfect opportunity.

After successfully purchasing
three pairs of new dress pants,
I wandered through the mall
and stumbled across a huge sale
at Anthropologie!

They were doing an additional 50% off
their sale items.
I got some really great finds.

new silk shirt for work

new favorite sweater

The only catch was the check out line.

I think I waited over 30 minutes to get through this line.
It wrapped around the store.

Totally worth it though. 

I also found this really cute copy of
Anne of Green Gables
that I may have to go back and buy at some point. 

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