I took this week off from work
to enjoy some relaxation,
but instead of relaxing I decided
to paint two rooms in the house;
our bedroom and office.

Let me just start off by saying,
when we bought this house it was like
a kindergarten classroom experiment.
The downstairs was sea foam green and purple
and the upstairs was sunshine yellow and sky blue.
(I do not know what they were thinking)

And it wasn't just the walls;
the trim and ceilings were these colors.
The only room with a white ceiling
was our bedroom.
And thank goodness,
because those are vaulted ceilings!

Husband painting our bedroom,
which went from dusty rose to dark gray.

new bedroom color
New office paint color in progress:
light gray with white trim.
Note the old sea foam green on the crawl space door.
(I still have to paint that)
painting supplies
(king size hersey's bar)

This is picture is only relevant
because I found this while looking for frog tape.
Did you know they make pink duck tape!?
(yes, I bought some)
((and only because it's pink))

After we finish painting,
I'm saving up for new curtains and light fixtures!

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