The 2012 Organization Continues


Remember when I told you
was to get organized this year?


I bought this jewelry tree 
and earring carousel a while back,
I wasn't really making good use of them.
My jewelry was still cluttered throughout the room.
And before this weekend,
I kept these on my dresser,
which let's be honest,
I can neither see nor reach the top of.
Now they are on my nightstand,
which means I can actually see/reach them,
and easily place my jewelry on them
at the end of the day.
I also have separate dishes to catch misc. jewelry.

I've never known what to do 
with my manicure supplies.
And then it hit me:
Shoe box! 
All my nail polish fits beautifully 
in this Container Store shoe storage box.
And a recycled a glass jar 
that one of my candles came in
holds everything else.
It perfectly fits my nail files,
bamboo sticks,
toe separators and nail clippers.

Not gonna lie,
I feel quite proud of myself.


  1. you SHOULD be proud. organizing is hard work.


  2. cute blog hun! can't wait to read more! found you while "blog walking" and thought i would say a hello!

    your newest follower ♥ -- would love it if you could visit me and follow back sometime ?

    hugs, xo

  3. Awesome job! I love what you did with your jewelry. Mine are all in a box (a pretty box) on a shelf. Not the easiest but's neat!

  4. You totally should! Love this!