Sister Hats


I visited JCrew this weekend,
and bought a hat I'm not sure how to wear.
(stay tuned as I work out an outfit for it!)

It's navy wool,
and has bird feathers.
And it only cost nine dollars.
How can you pass that up?

I call this pose, 
try to look like you aren't taking pictures
of yourself in the display mirror,
or else people will think you are crazy.
It's not like the other people in this store
know you have a blog.

Later that day I was describing this hat to my mom,
who said she was about 90% certain 
my sister had bought the same one!
I sent my sister a picture of it,
and turns out we both have the same hat!
Now if that's not a sisterly bond,
I don't know what else is.

Also while at JCrew,
I took note of their seriously cute stuff for spring.
Good thing my birthday is coming up!

sherbet, pink, and cherry red!


  1. Haha sisterly ESP! that's pretty cool though. The hat is cute and that's funny the "try to look like you aren't taking pictures" pose! I do that ALL THE TIME. I love the purse! so cute.

  2. I think your hat is so cute! I also think we shre the same love of/ obsession with J. Crew.

  3. Loving your blog :)! Happy I found it. Love that hat on you, those skinny, belts, the bag... well just all of it! haha

  4. Those colors definitely scream "spring!" I love your hat, I can't wait to see how you style it!

    Major catch up going on now - I've been away for a couple of days!